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John circumjaculated Jane's eye so as not to irritate her retina.
by Rick Deez August 25, 2004
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To masturbate and ejaculate while circumnavigating the world. Can also be used when traveling just a country or state.
This summer when I travel to Europe, It'll be a perfect time for me to fulfill my lifetime goal: to circumjaculate the world!

When we took that road trip to Florida, I was so backed up that I started getting blue balls, so sooner or later I had no choice but in taking the liberty of circumjaculation. I got so used to it I made it a habit at every time we stopped for gas.

Yeah, circumjaculation is fun, but not as cool as being in the Mile High Club.

I was such an idiot for not breaking up with my girlfriend before my trip to Europe therefore I had to resort to circumjaculation. I jacked off at every hotel and hostel I stayed at.
by Rif Raf 420 March 14, 2010
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