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When you invite an ugly chick out to a picnic on top of a plateau. Must be on the sunniest, hottest day of the summer. You seduce her into having sloppy outdooor sex with you. Then you jizz on her chest and parachute off the side of the plateau with all of her belongings. Leaving her stuck at the top with the sun beating down on her naked chest that's covered with semen.
Dude this weekend I'm going to tell ugly Shirley to have a picnic with me at the plateau. I'm so gonna Monte Crispo her.
by T-Jayzel April 14, 2005
Gripton is a fictional friend of Sic and Dan. His name is brought up when they are bored and want something to do. Though it's not completely true that he is fictional it is infact very likely. Some of his character traits consist of; Very deep voice. Constant repetition of his own name at random or as a reply to someone's question. Always is hanging out with other suspected fictional friend "John Cropt".
Screen name : Griptonyte
Only Sic and Dan have met/seen him.
#1. (Phone call with Gripton)Person: Hey Gripton, what's up?
Gripton: Gripton.

#2. Let's go to Gripton's house he's having a huge party tonight with John Cropt, everyone's gonna be there.
by T-Jayzel April 12, 2005
A non-toxic splattering substance. A splatter from the habitual gorgan family. Unlike other splatters the gorgan is known for splattering on it's own will. They usually come in the bakers dozen and have been found on Madagascar with swarms of 3 foot long ants marching around them as if they were sacred.
Oh man! My gorgan splattered everywhere!
by T-Jayzel June 17, 2004
A smeager is the small portion on a fly's mouth which extends to eat food. If poked on the human skin it make leave tiny teeth marks.
Oh man, look at the fly on my burger...EW his smeager just touched it.
by T-Jayzel June 20, 2004
A cum covered penis still hard and throbbing. Usually fresh out of another man's anus, hence the warmth.
"Oh damn dude, that was the best Hot Sauce Dill I've ever had."
by T-Jayzel April 13, 2005
When you tonsil your own droppings too the extreme fifth power. Eventually it will lead to post mortem flatulence. Sometimes hot, sometimes a curtain rod in your anus! Main thing is it will never block the pants from the pot hole, and that is important for the fact it has to saturate ponce.UNIT YOU SILLY READER!
Frog Forth Righteous Five!
by T-Jayzel April 14, 2005
A place where someone who is not you lives.
Leave his stead! It's not yours!
by T-Jayzel April 14, 2005

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