when guys say they are playing poker...what else could be that addictive?
so what are you doing tonight?
playing POKER
by ula March 19, 2005
Top Definition
When two or more guys all jerk off together
Some straight guys are into circle jerking with other guys
by Josh September 05, 2003
Responding to every status update/photo/like/tweet by your friends, and them doing the same for you.
Also applies when the update/photo/like/tweet is intended purely to get the online attention you crave.
"If Kellyn and Theo keep liking each other's comments and pictures and statuses, I'm gonna block both of them."
"I know. They live and work together. Is it really necessary?!"
"They're circle-jerking."
by the REAL Lex Complex October 17, 2011
when a group of guys masturbate in a circle standing up, usually getting off to a girl performing a sexual act.
I was watching a porno the other day, and i was discusted when the guys began circle jerking to a couple getting it on.
by Amy O'Connor March 25, 2007
when two people play free for all on mw2 and take turns killing each other to get a nuke. in turn being complete douches and ruining the game.
marksman4 and satern123 were totaly circle jerking cuz they kept takin turns gettin nukes.
by sc-gomer February 06, 2010
When two or more guys jerk off on a cracker and the last one to come must eat it.
The footbal team had a circle jerking contest as initiation.
by Bella September 21, 2003
when guys use the cover of playing poker
so what are you doing tonight?
o...im just chillin with the boys, ya know PLAYING POKER (ie circle jerking)
by you know March 19, 2005
a term used to say someone jerks off another man, to call them gay
jon and anthony are in the kitchen circle jerking
by Fat jake and the overeaters September 04, 2003
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