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You're nailing a bitch from behind real hard, your friend (who has been hiding in the closet) jumps out, swaps with you and starts hitting it without even missing a beat. In the meantime, you run outside of the house to the window of the room that they are in, knock on the glass, and wave to her.
Shit son, you should have seen the look on that ho's face when I knocked on the window!
Cincinnati Swap!!!
by HeWhoIsClosestToGod March 03, 2009
When two guys masturbate and, right before climaxing, line their dongs up so as to shoot their load into each others urethra.
Tad tried to give me the cincinnati swap last night but i dont think i can fit all his cum in my weiner.
by Tad Joffries March 02, 2007
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