To describe a southwest Ohio city called Cincinnati which is heavily polluted and has tons of run down neighborhoods. Kids on the corner selling crack. A very conservative town that would rather crack down on people owning a playboy than the Chicago like crime scene. A place many escape to find that the world is not such a bad and ugly place.
Person one: I live in Dayton, where are you from...
Person two: I live in cincinnasty.
Person one: I know what you mean, we take I-275 when going south and avoid the place altogether.
Person 2: you can still smell the stink of city even in the burbs..
Person one: I know they should just evacuate it, nuke it and start over..
by John Hopper April 29, 2005
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being as im born and raised in "cincinnasti" i can tell you we call it that for its violent nature, not because it smells(pollutuion is bad due to the fact that the city is inside the ohio valley). No one calls it cincinnasti either, its usually just referred to as the nasty or the nasty nati
its the n-a-t-i, all u know the rest, silly how frequently they contest. representin the cincinnasty(nasty nati)
by the avatar May 05, 2006
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