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Awsome chick.....shes coolios
Ciera is totally Wickid
by Xxstolenxbeautyx March 30, 2005
1. One Who Is The Dopest ,

2. One Who Is Always Envied
I wish i could be just like ciera .
by The Dopest Person August 14, 2009
completely amazing. sweet. nice. funny. adorable. amazing personality. random. loving. cute. sexy. I LOVE YOU :)
Ciera is the most amazing person in the world.
by nbh2993 January 22, 2011
Ciera is beautiful. Smart. and loving. She has an amazing personality, she's goofy and she's a very good friend. Ciera is shy until you get to know her. Mostly everyone loves her. She's good at everything she does and she's a good advice giver.
I want to be just like Ciera.
by unknownnmee October 13, 2013
A gorgeous girl who doesn't realize how perfect she is. One that usually could be a model or a dancer. She is perfect in every way but is one of the most humble girls. She is sweet and kind and funny and all the girls wish they were her. Every guy wants a Ciera to be his. Guys make sure a Ciera is noticed and has enough attention. Ciera usually can be a little flirt but when she falls for someone she falls hard. Ciera's are usually one of the nicest people you meet. She is insanely trustworthy and believes the best in people always. Usually blonde with big blue eyes. The girl next door and a sweetheart. Everybody loves a Ciera.
by Unknownlover November 08, 2013
Ciera- Sounds like Sierra, which is a GMC truck. Like a chevy silverado. Chevy is like a rock. The Rock as in Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Therefore Ciera is actually Dwayne. Logic.

Refer to anyone named Ciera as Dwayne as they prefer to correctly hear their name.
I don't understand why parents name their children Ciera when they really want to call them Dwayne.
by Mr Logic December 21, 2013
A girl who never sticks with who she is. She Changes who she is depending on who shes around i.e If shes around emo people, She'll act all emo, but if around Country lovin' people, she'll be the one to yell "YEEE HAAWW" after ten minutes.

Beware of the Ciera.

Jealous type

Stabs in back when least expected

Two faced
Ouch! That girl is such a CIERA! She just told me to fuck off, and went over to those people she "hates"
by StubbornDaisy576 April 27, 2011
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