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One who is smart, loving, caring, VERY reliable.
Ciera knows when to get involved or just give advice when it comes to immature matters from others.
One who is SEXYYYY (;
She is very trustworthy, sweet, bubbly, cute, adorable.
Really not one thing is wrong with her.
Her maturity is OUTSTANDING. She knows how to overcome stupid, mean people.

-ciera walker-
by bubblevalley<3 September 28, 2011
One who is sweet, loving, caring, beautiful.
She is a free spirit. Laughs when she is hurt, Dances in the rain, sings her heart out<--amazing voice btw
She is SO mature. It's outstanding. She has a very low tolerance for IMMATURE people. She is who she is & doesn't change for anyone.
She try's to be friends with everyone. She is very bubbly, cute, outgoing & trustworthy.
She Is SO beautiful. Gorgeous. Inside & Out.
She holds her head up so high but goes through so much.
She's not afraid to say what she feels.
You'r truly amazing ciera walker. Anybody would be lucky to have you in their life(:<3
by Come@meBRO(: September 28, 2011
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