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Novel, movie, play by John Irving.

Migrant apple pickers live in the cider house and can not read the posted rules for behavior cause they are illiterate and also do not speak English.

Refers to rules which you could have no way of knowing.
I am so fucked over by those asshats at Wikipedia. It is so totally Lord of the Flies and Cider House Rules there.
by A Pied Kiwi April 01, 2008
When finances allow for one of two options for beverage drinking lifestyle choices. Usually determined by the college student to remind time of day. Qualities include knowing the difference between costly true refreshment and discount vacation in a quality glass bottle. Other factors include location such as quickie mart versus classy grocery store with thirst quenching desire being the driving force. Types of people forced to confront this often don't really have the right to choose.
1.) The salty dog bum begging for change outside the quickie mart knows ciderhouse rules make a 64 oz Mickey's Malt Liquor is his best choice.
2.) The yes man father lost in the grocery store hopes the similac is in the isle next to where the Woodchuck six packs are and believe the store manager should make sure of it.
by djsee4 September 29, 2010
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