A midwest term for having a golf ball smashed through or stuck your car window.
"Hey, guys, let's ciara this guy's car!"
by Jordboy1 April 26, 2013
The bestest girlfriend in the world!
Ciara is mine and only mine.

She's that special.
by Cnjrx_ March 15, 2015
A nasty piece of dirt on your shoe that you can't get rid of!! Rude and unwanted by all who know her, and they have ever rite to!! Horrid and a lier at times.
Keep your Boyfriends locked at Home!!
Ciara is on the prowl!
Other words assiociated with cia
There is a ciara in the building every1 who is a male or looks a male plz run to all exits!!! thank u
by TheklestGirlinDaTown!! December 07, 2003
omg did you see ciara last night ?
she was making out with some random guy at the theatre
by blahblahx3 July 27, 2012
A stupid, cock-sucking, child molesting slut who is tying her absolute hardest to be like Beyonce. She does some of the crappiest "dancing" I've ever seen. All my folks tell me her album, "Goodies" is garbage. Even though I've never heard it, I agree with them. I wish Ciara & LIL' Bow Wow the worst in the future and I hope they break up quicker than J-Lo & Affleck
No example needed to describe her.
by Dough April 12, 2005
SHE IS NOT A MAN. Ciara is a girl who is stupidly funny, smart and pretty.

She is a amazing person and makes people happy without knowing. She is the one person you never want to disappoint but she winds you up like crazy and makes you fight her. She is a beast of a girl who find sarcasm hilarious, she has excellent music taste. She is seriously underestimated , even tho pretty much every boy chases her and she has her pick of friends. But,she'll never understand how much she means to the people who care about her. You need a Ciara in your life to know what you have being missing out on, without one!

That girl just WISHES she was Ciara

Mong!?! Nah thats Ciara
by Jackinthebox424 June 19, 2011
female, r&b, from USA

in spring of 2004, she came out of no where with "Goodies". A song produced by mega-south producer Lil' Jon. Debut album later followed in late summer of 2004.
"I am a strong believer in sex after marriage."

"I am keeping 'the goodies' in the jar until after i am married."
by s_N_double_O_P April 24, 2005

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