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The name, Ciara, trends within the Gothic groups. It comes from the Irish name, Ciaran, which means 'black.' Ciaras are very tender girls, but if you piss them off, they'll whip your ass. Their humor is usually under control, but once they take a liking for you, it'll drift to the morbid side. From personal experiences with multiple Ciaras, they are not even nearly girly, and they tend to be nerds. I have never come across a girly Ciara. Although they act like a boy, they have a very much female body that looks good too ;)
She may come across as stupid or insensitive because of her humor, but a dumb or mean Ciara will be punished for their stupidity. Deep down, she is incredibly nice.. You don't want to fuck with Ciara. They are very smart, though sometimes their school grades don't reflect it. Most enjoy metal.
"Man, I was barely even drunk last night. I banged this one goth girl named Ciara. I didn't need a beer for her to look pretty!"
"Dude, I've been with one of the before. I couldn't walk for three days."
by Zacharoni And Cheese November 17, 2012
beautiful, hot, gorgeous, charming,smart, charismatic, always knows what to say, always makes cute faces, ciaras go great with ethans.
damn look at her!

yea thats ciara.
by kumar:} August 13, 2010
A hot, sexy girl with long, wavy brown hair and amazing blue eyes. If you haven't met a Ciara yet, you should. Also she gives the best BJs and has the best ass.
- WOOOW look at her booty!
- who was it?
- probably Ciara

- figures..
by Kiciara October 16, 2010
Ciara is an Irish name which often refers to those who are pure coolers. In the near future, every Ciara will be worshipped by all mortals and mystical creatures known to man. There has been a great deal of questioning whether the name 'Ciara' is the Hermaphrodite 'clan' . These rumours have proven to be extremely false.

In recent times, the word 'Ciara' is the name of a superhero team which involves two people by the name of Ciara who pretend to be pirates, when really they are fighting crime with Matthew Gray Gubler.
Oh Lord, we're in a pickle... We better get the Ciara to sort this out
by Keebeewhat August 16, 2010
A hot dancer and singer, this girls name is NOT pronounced SIERRA!! Its KEE-RA!!! DO IT RIGHT STARBUCKS EVILDOERS
Oh, check out Ciara, she is hott. She dance and sing gooood. She got good style.
by yourmomneedstherapy March 29, 2005