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1. These are folks who are incapable of seeing through their own self-delusion. The term applies to those who are self-righteous and prepared to argue their case, no matter the truth, prevailing opinion, or overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Chweegs are often motivated by a deep-seated dependence on some seemingly trivial pleasure or reward. For instance, the reward for a hate-mongering racist might be the comfort and solace of a sense of "family" created by belonging to a group or sub-set.

Chweegs will, for instance, stop smoking cigarettes for 2 days while telling everyone in their life that they have quit, only to resume the habit as if nothing ever happened, all the while maintaining, "I've quit before, and I can do it again." (If you're still smoking, you didn't quit.)

2. The indoctrinated; the conditioned; sheeple.
"Disc golf is for chweegs."

"The chweegs at the C.L.D.S. compound in Texas were rescued Friday by police..."

"That dude is such a fuckin' chweeg, I'll bet he's a big Tom Cruise fan."
by Fungalupagus April 08, 2008
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