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the act of giving head with pop rocks and soda in the mouth
Amanda wants to chuzzle Shaant becuase he is in a band.
by envious77 June 20, 2008
A furry creature with two huge eyes and no nose or mouth.
They exist in a computer game where you must get 3 in a row to make them disappear. When you click the chuzzle it shakes
I only need to get rid of the red chuzzle now.
by blondiiiii247 March 31, 2010

1. when a person starts off a beverage with a long controlled drink and finishes by opening their throat and feverishly finishing off the beverage in a sloppy manner. Chuzzles generally result in sever intoxication and a good story in the morning.

2. A chug guzzle hybrid
Josh: Whats up? how you feeling tonight?

Mark: F***ing awesome I chuzzled that pitcher of margaritas
and then they threw me out of the bar.

Josh: Is that why your shirt and pants are all wet
by Homeless Robot. November 23, 2009
Testicles with a short layer of peach fuzz.
He chiseled his chuzzles, so now they're just balls.
by Taylor colburn February 29, 2008
chuh-zuhl verb,-zled, -zling, noun

-To give oral sex until completion and drink semen, greedily, frequently, or plentifully.
Paparazzi caught the chuzzle of a lifetime from Hillary Duff, after an impromptu proposal. Her fiance looked very pleased as he phoned a friend during this exquisite act.
by glurp April 10, 2010
verb. to intake so much alcohol that one becomes so drunk that one needs sex. RIGHT NOW!!!
Friend 1: Dude, how much has (friend 3) been drinking?
Friend 2: I don't know, but he's gonna chuzzle pretty soon.
Friend 4: Oh god, why'd he choose me?
by Prplman May 14, 2009
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