1. n, a chest-pussy; an inverse choner; when the center of a man's chest has a small depression.

2. n, the act of sticking one's tongue into another's ear.
1. That guy has a chussy.

2. Eww, you just gave me a chussy!
by Alfredo January 11, 2005
Top Definition
A combination of two words: Chubby + Pussy= Chussy
As in: "Britney Spears went through a period of constantly flashing her chussy to the paparrazzi"
by MamoonJ June 13, 2008
n, a wide set vagina.
as in : 1. megan has a chussy.
2. Ramone you chussy.
by me 111 July 10, 2008
Chest hair that grows in a triangular shape, reminiscent of a vagina.
"Dude, check out that guy's chest hair. It looks just like my girlfriend's bush-- total chussy."
by les chussies December 04, 2009
A meaty muffy vagina.
Let your mind roam free on each part if that definition.
"she has the most feared chussy in the entire county"
"hey guys i cant pay my half of the rent because i bought myself some useless stuff."
"you chussy."
by tayworm September 05, 2009
when a man's chin/goatee resembles a pussy; chin + pussy = CHUSSY.
Wow. That guy at taco bell had a thick, nasty chussy.
by dr.stankyleg February 10, 2009
CHUSSY = chapped pussy
That screaming seagull gave megan chussy
by chussy master April 21, 2008
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