When everybody in your crew leaves a certain spot at the same time
*Shots fired in a club*
Homie: "Church on the move"
*Everybody runs out of the club*
by AngelDust919 December 16, 2007
Top Definition
When a large group of people are at the club, or a big party is poppin off and everyone has to leave for any reason.
what's that? Oh shit the cops!! Church on the move!!
by Karl Burnham December 29, 2007
When your in the club and one of your home boys yell "Church on the move" you better high tail it out and get the fuck away from the club
I was at club La Deaye last weekend and vicktor yelled "Church on the move" and three hookers got trample its was horrible i cryed
by Tucker Grubbsy December 28, 2007
According to Snoop Dogg is when everyone is at a party or at a club and is time to roll you hear one playah say 'church on the move' and it's time to go for everybody
something similar to 'cheese it!'
Young Playah: this is fucked up..CHURCH ON THE MOVE!
*everybody running like hell*
by Raius January 01, 2008
If a cuz yells church on the move you gotta drop every thing and go.
I saw one of my ex's while in the club with my homies and yelled church on the move

from snoop's fatherhood
by Karlea January 05, 2008
time of delicate but fast get away
alot of people
are in a bar fight
the police come
someone yells out
"church on the move"
the place is clear in less than 25 seconds
by juliannnnn=] December 12, 2007
according to snoop dogg, it means when it is time to leave
you and your friends are at a club and someone shouts "church on the move!" then its time to go
by Joey LaGravenese December 12, 2007
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