A phrase which means to get out urgently.
The cops is commin, Church on the move!
by annErs123 December 19, 2007
When everybody at a club or wherever you're at has to leave immideatley.
Devonta: Oh Crap! That's my ex! CHURCH ON THE MOVE!
by NotLydia December 15, 2007
when your in the club and its time to leave, and you gotta big crew you yell "church on the move".
Adam: Shits gettin heavy lets go.
by kris09_ December 20, 2007
When it's time to go,you yell "Church on the move"-- everyone you're with knows to leave the location.
Snoop Dogg-- when you're at the club and its time to bounce you yell "Church on the move" and everyone knows its time to get up outta there!
by sarah Mc December 16, 2007

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