When a person, or a few people, are hunting for sexual female attention or simply: " hunting for cunts."
" Dude, we need to go chunting! " or " I'm going to go chunting tonight. "
by pandabunny April 03, 2010
Top Definition
sexually attractive, popular phrase in South-London
Example: Did you see thats chick presenting The news last night, damn she was chunting, I would shagg her side-ways, even if she had a wizards sleeve
by Charlie Mcnamara December 08, 2006
Pronounced kunt-ing. The act of cougar hunting. Going out where cougars normally prey in the hope that a cougar picks you up.
Hey I'm bored and horny, lets go to pier one for some c'hunting.
by bailacondios February 15, 2010
A sexual encounter between a chode and a very lucky lady, derived from the words chode and cunt.
".....and in other news, rioting continues all over the world as naked men and women where ever you go continue to demand higher levels of chunting at all times."
by rc9000000000000000000 December 04, 2013
death by wizard's sleeve
the red snapper chunted jess last night
by abingdon posse October 22, 2004
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