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noun derived from the expression " blow one's chunks " that means " to throw up or to vomit ". It was coined back in the 90's by the Californian Chas. Balun, who was a columnist for Fangoria Magazine.
Basically a "chunkblower " is a film full of horror and violence all depicted in a very gory fashion. It is so gory that you're going to vomit.
"In my review of Ruggero Deodato's 1979 cult classic chunkblower " Cannibal Holocaust " I stated that it was the crown jewel of the popular Italian cannibal film subgenre".
( mod. ) " Avoid many biographical details, Balun primarily sticks to Lucio Fulci's chunkblowing film career, which wrapped a generation of horror fans and ( soon-to-be ) filmmakers ".
by emilgrift March 05, 2009
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