To show love to your homies on the streets. Also, to show respect or peace to fellow gangstas. If ya with me, please do chunk up the deuce.
"I chunk up the deuce of the south and the north." Lil Keke

I saw Jamal ridin', so I hollered and chunked up the deuce to my main man.
by Dave the manchild January 22, 2007
Top Definition
Putting up a sideways peace sign with your hand.
I chunk up the deuce of the south in the mouth
by Don the Dev July 17, 2006
When one's crap, AKA a deuce, is so big it cannot fit down the toilet pipes. It is neccesary to break, or chunk, up the deuce so that it can flush properly.
I ate some wicked Mexican food last night, and had to chunk up the deuce... twice!
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