Top Definition
To throw up the peace sign.
"Chunk up a Duece Nigga"
by Bobbly July 15, 2006
To take a shit or go number 2.
Man, drop me off at my house right quick.
Because I gotta chunk up a duece so bad my breath smells like shit.
by yer mother April 30, 2007
To drop a fudge dragon, to pop a squat and let fly, to excuse yourself from high society to relieve yourself. Also girls can use Chunk up a Douche, though this may be considered scrub nasty.
Dog, i ate some some taco bell last night and now i gotta go chunk up a duece. I'm gonna drop a turd nugget.

Tina I'm feeling sick. I need to go chunk up a douche, do you have any moist towlettes?
by L RiZzO June 13, 2007

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