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Someone who vomits a lot.
"That little chunder monkey has been locked in the bathroom all night!"
by Char H January 29, 2006
16 10
A vicious bout of vomiting, usually induced by a heavy drinking session.
Oh fuck me, the chunder monkey made a visit this morning!
by Rusty Jeffears September 19, 2008
7 5
When you go over your limit whilst drinking and throw up everywhere in front of everyone.
'I hope no-one remembers Saturday night' *walking down corridor* 'WAHEEEY ITS THE CHUNDER MONKEY!' ...'shit'
by GemmaT123456 November 21, 2011
3 2
Furry Mammal. Indigeonus, to rural parts of northern Lewis and southern pierce countys. It is an ellusive creature. Only usually spotted after several days with out sleep

Slang: example ...to chunder is a word that descibes wHATEVER THE F#@^ you want
wal-mart sells a small mini chunder monkey in the 25 cent macchine.

.....generally male..... female chunders are veery rare and often mistaken as some other creature...if taken or disturbed from habitat. a female chunder goes insain... leading to there death. only female chunders are endangered. males however are everywhere.
by candytip December 21, 2011
2 3