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Someone who vomits a lot.
"That little chunder monkey has been locked in the bathroom all night!"
by Char H January 29, 2006
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A vicious bout of vomiting, usually induced by a heavy drinking session.
Oh fuck me, the chunder monkey made a visit this morning!
by Rusty Jeffears September 19, 2008
When you go over your limit whilst drinking and throw up everywhere in front of everyone.
'I hope no-one remembers Saturday night' *walking down corridor* 'WAHEEEY ITS THE CHUNDER MONKEY!' ...'shit'
by GemmaT123456 November 21, 2011
Furry Mammal. Indigeonus, to rural parts of northern Lewis and southern pierce countys. It is an ellusive creature. Only usually spotted after several days with out sleep

Slang: example chunder is a word that descibes wHATEVER THE F#@^ you want
wal-mart sells a small mini chunder monkey in the 25 cent macchine.

.....generally male..... female chunders are veery rare and often mistaken as some other creature...if taken or disturbed from habitat. a female chunder goes insain... leading to there death. only female chunders are endangered. males however are everywhere.
by candytip December 21, 2011

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