Pal, friend, colleauge. A Shadowrunner.
by Anonymous July 01, 2003
Top Definition
Pal, friend, colleague.
"Brother", "cousin".
A shadowrunner, or somebody running in the shadows of the Sprawl.
Yo chummer! What's up tonite? Any run?
by Tayl March 23, 2005
an adjective used to describe a cyclist with a lack of knowledge and talent in the sport. These 'chummers' are usually persons trying to play with the big boys from lower ranks known as 'triathletes' or 'commuters'. Chummers are susceptible to: being ineptly slow, having less knowledge about the sport than Kerry Katona knows about parenting and owning a head as big as the hole Lance Armstrong left the sport in.
"Why's simon so far behind?" "ah, he's just a chummer"
#cycling #slow #inept #waiting #lance armstrong
by Reps and creatine February 05, 2013

A type of person who is a proper loner, sad twat, armed with pointless questions to gain attention and/or to gain friendship, only to piss off and weird out the person(s) they are engaing in conversation with.
Basically a step up from a sex offender and a step down from a train spotter, anorak the lot
Guy gets out of his car, with a folder full of the cars history and every little bit of work done to the vehicle....with receipts.
Office worker Brian spots this and says to co-worker Antony "look at this chummer"
#chum #sad #train #spotter #offender
by the real sweet-a-bix October 13, 2012
A wingman for all men, a guy's guy. He walks up to a group of girls and engages each of them in short conversation, thus throwing the chum in the water. He leaves the group and each of the girls are now interested in meeting a guy due to the chummer's charm. His friends follow and chat up these girls that are ready to bite: hook, line and sinker.
He went fishing for his friends, he's a chummer.
#wingman #charm #chum #fish #girls
by Grace is gone May 01, 2010
An adjective used when addressing a friend or close pal who shows a distinct lack of motivation or looks burnt out.
Chummer you need to get outside and do something, get your sorry ass off the couch.


Quit being a chummer, we were supposed to go grab some beers and check out the show.
#chummed #burnt out #tired #beer #lazy
by Brf June 19, 2006
The phonological friend to the word `Bummer` . It is often used to refer to a homosexual in a discreet way, most commonly used in a `Bummer's` presence.
Chris: Man, that dude's a right chummer.

Alan: Tell me about it, here he comes.
Daryl: Hey guys, how you doing chickens?
Alan: Definetly a chummer
Daryl: Eh? Chummer?
#gay #homosexual #chummer #bummer #logger #shit-stabber #ponse
by CRhodes1992 June 16, 2009
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