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(noun) Anglicized shortening of "pachuco" (a male Mexican-American youth, from the zoot suit riots of the 1940s). Typically infers to wayward youths who get into trouble, join gangs, etc., but yet they do not wish to reform. Its insult value is increased when it is used by one Mexican-American to put another down, to typify him as an inferior riff-raff. The term has been used by New Yorkers to refer to less-refined Puerto Ricans, although technically it is impossible for a Puerto Rican to be a "chuke".
"The way these chukes live, it seems like they were cut out to do little besides join gangs, spray-paint on walls, get put into jail, and maybe father a few illegitimate children."
by Witchdoc May 27, 2004
17 16
vomiting in such quantities that one could choke
as in "I am so sick, I feel like I am going to chuke
by Adrian Harland July 03, 2006
29 16
to puke and choke at the same time
"You look bad, don't chuke"
"Don't chuke on me bra"
"Are you going to chuke?"
by Josh Hallgath May 20, 2008
10 5
vomiting in such quantities that one could choke.
as in "I am so sick, I feel like I am going to chuke"
by Juli Harland June 11, 2006
16 13
A more derogatory term towards mexicans like the word chunt but more insulting.
Did u see him dancing Salsa?
What a Chuke!!!!!
by Chunt626 January 18, 2005
15 14
a term used in the 1960s in SoCal as a nickname or abbreviation for pachuco. It may have been offensive to Chicanos, but it was bias-neutral to anglos.
That chuke Oscar Ortega's got the bossest short in town.
by Dr. Rag January 12, 2010
5 5
term for a cigarette from the mid 1960s
Jill: Could I have a chuke?
Ben: Sure, is menthol OK?
Jill: Yea!
by Ali Turner February 26, 2004
10 14