Adjective. Someone who is chubby and ugly.
"I slept with her a few months ago. She was looking pretty chubby. Ugly, too."
"I heard she went on some crash diet. She's probably not nearly as chugly anymore."
by Neil Floyd December 01, 2011

1. Describes a person who could potentially be attractive, if only they weren't so chunky.

2. An amalgam of chubby and ugly

3. This year's most backhanded compliment.

You: Dannggg yooo, if Latisha weren't so chugly, I bet she would actually be pregnant by now...instead of just lookin like she carrying three babies.

Your conscience: Accept it, you dig fat chicks.
by big papa111111 April 13, 2009
adjective - 'chunking ugly'.. also can be defined as 'ugly + fat or 'chunky''
Used to describe an ugly person who could also be considered obese.
"You're a chugly kid".
"Your mom is chugly".
"BLANK has a chugly boyfriend".
"Your face is chugly"
by Befera December 31, 2007
what you call a ugly chug
Just too chugly of a chick for me
by roxors March 29, 2005
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