a cheeky bugger.
Jeff: How's Justin?
Lukas: I don't talk to him. He's a chugger.
by amanwhodoesn'tknowanymore November 09, 2015
Short for "Charity Mugger". Mildly insulting reference to the poor, exploited souls (usually impoverished students) who are obliged to approach people in the street, in order to collect money, donations, or subscriptions for charity.

Soul-destroying job, for pitiful wages.
Look out! Chuggers! Let's cross the street....
by AstroDwarf October 09, 2014
Care Bears on acid. They are dangerous, especially when you touch their bellies.
We were out camping one time, and there was a sign that read "Keep away from the Chuggers."

"Have you ever seen a bear on acid?
No, But i've seen a Care Bear on acid...
So I guess...exacccctly....a Chugger"
by IamJob2 November 13, 2013
Composite of 'chrity' and 'mugger'. These people will stop you in the street and talk to you as if they are your oldest and best friend. All of which is a false cover for their real intention. Working on commission, they need people to donate to the charities which they 'represent' and to do this they will guilt trip you into handing over all your details.
One effective way of giving to the charity, yet not being conned into surrendering your card details and other sensitive information is to request the address and contact details of the charities head office and offer to make a direct payment. This will annoy the chugger as it cuts them out of the equation but you will have the upper hand. Otherwise try to think of a quirky reply to their begging for which they will have no answer or look straight through them.
Chugger: Do you like children?

Me: Yes, but I couldn't eat a whole one.

Chugger: (silence and look of shock)
by Jim Birtwisle January 17, 2008
A wanker (literally). One who masturbates. Derived from the noun chug (an act of masturation) and the verb chug ( to masturbate ).
I am a chugger. I chug every day. I have been a chugger since puberty. I first had a chug aged 12.
by Gwank July 10, 2004
a "charity mugger" ie the guy's who stand on grafton street in Dublin and try to stop you to sign you up for direct debit payments to various charities. They can be really aggressive and really self-righteous especially if you won't stop for them.
Chugger guys standing on the street with clipboards trying to get you to stop and sign up to Oxfam etc.
by CactusFan April 26, 2006
Someone hu is so afraid of even the most babyish rides, even the dragon one from legoland that the only ride they will go on is a small tractor ride or similar.(doesnt apply 4 small kids obviously)
Hey look, it's chuggers!
by MattyD_10 September 18, 2006

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