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1.A genre of music that is known predominately for breakdowns, and heavily distorted guitar chugging The less technicality and less amount of varying notes played, the better.

2. Bands whose songs mainly sound like several, slightly varying breakdownsand have little variability to distinguish songs apart. Having a frontman screaming into the microphone helps tell the difference between the songs.

3.A song with as minimal melody or riffing as possible focused around writing breakdowns. Meant to be conductive for the large bros and scrawny scenekids in the pit to hardcore dance to.

4.When the guitarists in a band only stay in drop A tuning.

5.When the pit at a show is only has hardcore dancers in the pit (sometimes there might be crowdsurfers), and it is typically unseen for people to start a legitimate mosh pit.
beginning of song:
"A-A----A-A-A---A-AAAAA--A-A" repeat
*two stepping hardcore dancer(s)*

verse of song:
"AAA------A---A---A-A-A---A-A-A#" repeat
*windmilling hardcore dancer(s)*

breakdown of song
*spinkicking hardcore dancer(s)*

bridge of song
*floorpunching/lawnmowing hardcore dancer(s)*

*bystanders in the crowd*
-"wow, that was a pretty hardcore set"
-"yeah, I didn't see anyone stop flailing their limbs and hardcore dancing air except for the temporary silent breaks before more chugging breakdowns"
-"Of course. It's chugcore. It's meant to be just one big breakdown.
-"That's brutal."
by HuffPuffMan November 26, 2011
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