To chugalug (chug-a-lug), one must have a large quantity of liquid (booze). One must then proceed to chug (chugalug) said liquid (booze).
Then we met with my buddies and proceeded to chugalug our alcohol of choice.
by Blake March 01, 2005
Top Definition
see chuggler
30oz mug with funnel built in.
by Mr. C April 07, 2005
To pour a can or mug of beer down the hatch without swallowing. One who chugalugs puts his head back, opens his throat, and pours the beer into his mouth.
Hey, let's go chugalug a mug.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
A drinking game in which any amount of people can play. You fill a large container full of beer (usually atleast 2 more beers than the amount of people playing), you then turn on the song "Chug A Lug" by Roger Miller and pass the container around, chugging as much as possible. The beer must be finished by the end of the song and if you successfully finish it, you add yet another beer and play again! Continue until shitfaced.
Hey Billy Ray, lets go get dan, jake, ethan, chuckie and dustin together to play some chug-a-lug and get real festered!
by afahey2009 September 18, 2009
A Title Given To The One Who Wins A Chug-Off
Ryan is the new Chug-A-Lug because he beat Alex in a Chug-Off
by Chicken Tinkerer December 21, 2011
To chug alot of beer very quickly.featuring a large container.
A game many males play especially marines because theres not much to do and well because theyre naturally badass.
Josiah can unhinge his jaw like a snake as he can Chug-a-lug. Something i cant do because im not cool.
by Sweetintox77 June 28, 2013
What a lush or chug monkey does all day. Fill themselves with liqour (usually beer).
Homer Simpson: It's time to chugalug down at Moe's again!
by DAMUFFIN October 15, 2006
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