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When a man puts his two fingers down his pants and wipes the ball sweat under another person's nose. The desired effect being the other person smells his balls.
"Why'd you rub your finger under my nose? Do I smell balls?"

"I just gave you a chuga."
#balls #finger #nose #smell #nasty
by Pope Cheech October 29, 2006
best titties in the world... made in spain.. nice round firm texture to it.... good for hands
Bea got sum nice chugas.
by Goebel March 16, 2004
1. The most important promise one could ever possibly make

2. If you break a Chuga you will get the silent treatment until the person you broke the promise with decides you're worthy again

3. If you break a Chuga you are a chubby punk

4. You can not ever manipulate a Chuga

5. Chuga is not just a promise, it is a way of life
Mom: Did you do your homework?
Daughter: Yes, it is finished.
Mom: Say it.
Daughter: CHUGA!
Mom: Ohk, I believe you.
#promise #i sa-wear #chooga #chugah #shooga
by jojermunks112857 March 31, 2011
es un apellido de persona
originario de guatemala
por los antiguos españoles que nos conquistaron.
by henry chuga July 15, 2003
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