A complimetary phrase, if applied in a positive sense (chuf up), given by someone if they see someone else do something that is funny/cool/really stupid.
Also an insult if applied in a negative sense (chuf down), if someone commits an act that is agreed by the surrounding people to be gay/douchy/fagatronic.
Also a rating scale. By "chuffing up", you increase your chuf rating on a scale that ranges from -6 to 6. If you have negative chuf, like Gary Miskovsky or Oprah, you are a dick.
<person commits an interesting/funny act>

a person can also be defined by a chuf rating-
"That kid Gary is a negative 6 chuf"
by chuflover April 27, 2009
Top Definition
verb: to smoke marijuana in any faison, but most esecially through pipes or joints
Everyday at 4:20 I chuf back some herb.
by Billze January 10, 2007
the 'Chuf' noise made by a pussy during penetration.
see pussy, see porn, Chuf the noise
by Deejay Bones January 23, 2009
A small blonde boy, usually in his teens, that follows larger groups of 'cool' people around and attempts to copy them.
"That Chuf is such a fairy"
by Big Gay Dave May 02, 2005
The N word for Christians, resulting in a fight of slang words and possible a brawl. Stands for Christ U F#$@@#$.
"Why you talking to us, Chuf?"
"YO N#@%^, don't be calling me that SH%$#"
by Papapapapap886868 January 16, 2007
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