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verb. to chucklespunk is to engage in post-masturbatory laughter, often due to an overwhelming sense of relief coupled with an amusing, if accidental, shot to one's face.

noun. chucklespunk is a bi-product of chucklespunking, where the act of laughing causes the diaphragm to relay pressure to the lower abdomen causing threads of semen to ejaculate to the rhythm of one's laughter.
"I was masturbating quite frantically - nearing orgasm - when I turned my head in reaction to a sudden rapping at my door. As I turned my head, thick white threads of my own semen hit me in the eye. I let out the biggest chucklespunk you ever did hear! I never did find out who had been at my door."

See Gigglespurt.
by petersPiss April 24, 2009
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