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one who has been victim of an selfish or thoughtless act
I waited for him to pick me up all night but he chucked me!
by Agent Peaco April 30, 2009
To be severely beaten, defeated, eliminated, or Roundhouse kicked to the point of death.
Whoa! Billy just got Chucked by his mom!
by Matthew Quick November 09, 2007
When someone takes/keeps something that belongs to you
JT: Hey Jason did you ever get that money that Steve owes you

Jason: No man I think he chucked me
by T. Dude June 03, 2005
to be raped in the ass by a certain track coach of College Park High School
I won't join track because I don't want to get chucked.
by I Love CP Track May 04, 2005
to blow off your friends, by telling ridiculous stories.

to break the plans that you have personlly made by not showing up.

not man enough to tell you personally that plans are not going through.

also: chuck, chuckin
I got chucked out of a ride to my bachellor party.
by unknown January 24, 2005
To lie to a person about calling, meeting, etc. when you say you will for sure. To completely dis someone when you have a set date.

Background: A man named Chuck did this to me multiple times. What a fool I am!
He totally chucked me! He didn't call or anything when he was supposed to meet me there at 2:00!
by sjt73 December 10, 2007
chucked... To be released from the commitment of a relationship against ones will.
girl, "I think I'm ready to move on to the next level in our relationship now we have been together for been six months".

guy, "do one you frigid bitch, you're chucked!"
by DIZZYskin December 09, 2007