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8 definitions by DIZZYskin

pot towel... A term used commonly in northern England meaning dishcloth.
"pass me that pot towel and i'll dry these pots".
by DIZZYskin December 10, 2007
milliception... A moment of comprehension and understanding that is out of character for a person.
milliception... A moment of total understanding lasting a fraction of a second, normaly followed by confusion as the individual returns to thier non thinking zombie like state.
think homer simpson.
by DIZZYskin December 09, 2007
frog describes the hollowing on certain types of building bricks.
usualy the hollow side is placed face down during construction. Accrinton bricks have a well defined frog.
by DIZZYskin December 10, 2007
'duty man' In some fire brigades in the UK a watch member will be designated the role of general dogsbody.
The 'duty man' (dutyperson) shall carry out all menial tasks around the fire station eg, answering telephones, greeting visitors, emptying dustbins etc. The duty man usually recieves much harrassment from the remaining watch members, but each member gets to take his turn as 'duty man' and shall recieve similar treatment from the watch. A common used phrase... "hey dutyman, change the roller towel bitch!".
by DIZZYskin December 11, 2007
chucked... To be released from the commitment of a relationship against ones will.
girl, "I think I'm ready to move on to the next level in our relationship now we have been together for been six months".

guy, "do one you frigid bitch, you're chucked!"
by DIZZYskin December 09, 2007
A Tommo... A shrek like creature that has normal skin tone as it is missing the green pigment known as flabbersthickskin
Tommo... a simple yet lovable creature almost identical to the disney character known as shrek although Tommo is best known for its spanner juggling routine and catch phrase 'enough of this shite'.
Tommos sometimes respond the the name grease monkey
pile ons are best intigated by a Tommo.
by DIZZYskin December 09, 2007
'Dunk' to promptly insert and remove an item into a vessel or fluid.
Dunk... Most common use in northern England involving a cup or mug and a biscuit.
"Oh shit, me biscuit's fallen in me brew".
Brew meaning a cup or mug of tea.
by DIZZYskin December 11, 2007