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Legendary guitarist of the metal band Death. One of the pioneers of extreme metal.
Chuck passed away in 2001. RIP
by matt March 17, 2005
Legendary virtuoso/guitarist from the band Death and Control Denied. He innovated many things in metal, and guitar. He was lightyears ahead of his time, he was such a huge inspiration to everyone that respected amazing music and his death was the greatest blow the metal community has ever recieved.

1967 - 2001 RIP
Guy in Heaven: Whoa is that Chuck Schuldiner?
Angel: Yes.
Guy In Heaven: Hey Chuck!
Chuck Schuldiner: Plays wicked lead.
by Loki25 November 17, 2005
Awesome singer/guitarist virtuoso who pioneered death metal. Possessed didn't! Chuck died of a brain tumor in 2001. It was metal's greatest tragedy yet, maybe tying with Dimebag's death in '04.
R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner. Somewhere up in heaven, or somewhere down in the pits of hell, you're looking down, or, uh, up, at all of us faithful death metalhead mourners.
by Thrasher999 January 20, 2009
God of Death Metal, Singer/Guitarist of the band Death, unable to pay the hosptal bill died from a brain tumor on 12/13/01
Reporter: "Beliefs on the afterlife Chuck?"
Chuck Schuldiner: "This is Hell"
by wargod12380 January 16, 2009
Chuck was a god, but "In Human Form", and had "Zero Tolerance" for bullshit. He got sick, but not with "Leprosy", and eventually had to "Bite the Pain". He now spends his time "Trapped in a Corner", in "Crystal Mountain", and Chuck's life will always be "A Story to Tell".

R.I.P Chuck.
Chuck Schuldiner passed away in 2001. Rest in Peace.
by the unknown ones September 21, 2011

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