chuch = church
it's a cousin of preach
a) "what i said is so true, like a preacher at church"
b) when other's respond to your statement with chuch, it means 'true! we firmly believe/love what you said, like you preachin to us at church! '
To keep your hos in line you need a strong pimp hand. chuch.
by jdog June 28, 2004
Top Definition
a word usually used at the end of a sentence to express agreement and/or excitement. similar to the word Amen.
we gotsta roll down to that bitch crib cuz im tryna fuck. but first lets finish this fat ass blunt. CHUCH!
by the bus September 22, 2005
"To have God in everything you do" -- Snoop
I'm gonna holla at one of these fine hunnies. chuch.
by euphoric fallacy June 20, 2003
a word invented by big Snoop Dog to hold it down. It usually accomodates....follows a statement to enhance the meaning and wish good fortune on the task at hand(as if to be blessed by god)
Ex. Fo sho dog, tonight will definately be crunk......Chuch!
by MvAmbrosia420 April 15, 2004
A word not invented by snoop dogg, but a pimp term used after a sentence is complete, or a statement. Usally one pimp like Don Juan will say Chuch, and then every will repeat.
Ex.1 Bitch you better have my mother-fuckin money. CHUCH!!

Ex.2 All you stupid fucks that don’t know shit and think snoop invented that word are a bunch of faggot-ass losers, CHUCH!
by Ruski Roma March 10, 2004
The sound produced when your lungs are telling you they are too full of weed smoke.
*inhale* ..*five minutes later*... chuch chuch chuch, damn that burns a little ...
by PeckerWood October 16, 2003
the word chuch was not made up by snoop. but when he says it he means peace,later,chunk tha duece bye word came from a european queen Kathrine III
I'm gonna go holla at these beeaatches chuch
by j-man July 28, 2003
It's an abbreviation used by the Mac Daddies, Pimp Playas, Biggest Ballas of 'em all.
C.H.U.C.H. (Can't Hate Us Can't Hate)

also can be found in Ghettos of America(UGA UGA2)
Ho wer My Doh? Daz ryte I'm dat Pimp from Da Sco So wut u waitin' fo' pay it up pay it up don't talk too much... tabanacle, titi 1 titi 2, and CHUCH!
by ScarFace415 February 13, 2005
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