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A combination of chubby and substitute, used in reference to a drunken obese female with whom a man copulates when he is down on his luck.
Timothy struck out with Sally, so he settled for a chubstitute.
by imab9k9 March 04, 2004
A junk food that parades as a health food
These Quinoa Tortilla Chips are a total chubstitute
by Fish Sticks March 05, 2014
A hot substitute teacher.
I had a chubstitute teacher in History today
by scott March 02, 2004
The fat kid who comes on for the last five minutes of a match -usually because his dad sponsors the team.
With the game drawing to an end, the team sent on their chubstitute in order to satisfy his dad who was watching from the sideline (whilst eating a kebab).
by manhattan surfer January 20, 2015

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