An overweight person who considers themself to be a hipster. Usually existing in suburban areas and may be found in High School, Jr. High or Community College.

They wear Old Navy jeans because they can't fit anything from Urban Outfitters or from trendy thrift shops. They try to squeeze themselves into small hoodies and H&M t-shirts because slim fitting clothes look "dope" on them.

One can find them standing in line in front of the club because they won't get in unless they know someone who puts them on the guest list. They're never on Cobrasnake or Last Night's Party unless they're standing next to a thinner or more popular hipster.
Fawn: Ugh! Look at that chick with the muffin top and those Charlotte Russe flats.

Ruby: ...and you know she got that Run DMC t-shirt from Torrid.

Fawn: Oh em eff jeez, She's such a chubster.
by Tyrone Aoki January 28, 2009
1. A person who is not actually fat, but who acts fat. Often a skinny person is referred to as a "chubster" after they have displayed their extensive laziness.
Person 1 "Hey could you get me a beer?"

Person 2 "Im to busy eating out of the fridge to get your a beer"

Person 1 "Your such a such a chubster, you weigh 110 and you eat more than a fat guy"
by Sicnazty April 27, 2011
this word means totally awsome pony who is awsomely pertii and bound to win prettist mare or most handsome gelding still a novice but look at herr or himm goo.
That pony is a 'Chubster'
by HollieBonnolii X July 17, 2008

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