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Stepping on a half erect penis or "chubby"; chubstep
My girlfriend rushed out of bed this morning and gave me a real chubstep.
by Dildo Z. Baggins August 19, 2012
AKA 'Dub Step', designed to allow a larger person to feel like they are moving faster than they really are.
A fat persons skinny simulator for dance floors.
On any English dance floor.

Male - Wow, this Chub Step is making me feel young again.

Female - Yeah, I feel like i'm a size 10 right now.

Male - Awesome, shall we go eat some pies?

Female - YES, I thought you'd never ask me.
by Mr_Finger_Tips October 31, 2011
This word has multiple applications in the world of dubstep music. It may refer to:

1) A dubstep with a fat or tasty beat, dirtiness not withstanding (even the filthiest of beats is, to a dubstep fan, perfectly edible)

2) Witnessing a person of overweight or obese stature dancing to any song that could be classified as dubstep. This usage is often accompanied with a slight gesture of the eyes, hands, or face in the general direction of the chubstepper.

3) a male-to-male reference about another male friend who had sex with an overweight or obese girl the night before. Typically, the usage of the word in this context should be accompanied by the vocal reproduction of dubstep's signature 'whamp whamp' wobble bass, and synchronized pelvic thrusts, as well as a mimed grabbing of an ass much wider than the male friend.
1) "Shiiiiiiiiit, this is some mofuckin CHUBstep right here."

2) (whispered to a friend) "chubsteeeeeeeep."

3) "Yo, did you fuckin' see Steve? You didn't?! Awwwww, maaaaaaaaaaan, you didn't see...?! maaaaaaaaan, dude was gettin' that CHUUUBstep last night. (grabs invisible fat bitch and mimes the intercourses with her in doggy style) WHAMP WHAMP WHAAAAAMP, WH- WH- WH- WH- WHAA WHAA WHAAA WHAAAAAAAAA.... (continue for as long as necessary)"
by charzobrado. December 23, 2010
The sound a fat person makes when they move around including wobs and wubs similar to dubstep.
Bro-dy: yo Broman Ms. Buffington makes chubstep.
Broman: I know i can hear her. Lets record it and put it on the internet.
by lucid56 August 11, 2011
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