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A chubrock is the boner that the tomato mascot outside of Fazoli's gets
"Let's give this Fazoli's tomato a nice chubrock by stealing Andy's Mom's dildo and attatching it to his center portions."
by andyfellovernet May 24, 2003
6 13
erection, hard-on, stiffy, boner
I gotta big freakin chub rock right now!!!!
by anonymous April 05, 2004
11 9
a fat or chubby person you dislike
that kid is such a chub rock
by Brian Cameron August 20, 2007
7 6
When you hand craft a stone or rock dildo and super glue it to the tomato mascot outside of Fazoli's and paint it bright pink so that little kids stare at it in envy.
"Look Mom a chubrock. Can I sit on it and you take a picture?"
"No, Billy, maybe when your older"
by Spanky Lou May 30, 2003
9 13