When getting a semi-erect penis when being hugged/humped by a beautiful specimen of a man named Christopher.
Dude I just got a chub chub at the party yesterday.

by phresh2deph June 18, 2011
The act of sneezing into anothers anus.
Dad: Time for chub-chubs Russel!
Son: No dad my nose hurts!
Dad: *Takes Russels head and forces between buttcheeks*
by Jeff November 09, 2003
Another version of Chubby.
OMG i used to be a riight chubchub!!
by HollyHOMICIDE* December 11, 2007
The juicy fat around the neck that giggles and bounces when a fat person gets excited or mad. Chub Chub can come in layers depending on how fat the person is and food can sometimes be found in between the layers.
Jim: Hey Bob where did my KFC go?
Bob: Um idk....
Jim: Hey wait a minute!!! Bob, is that my KFC drumstick lodged in your Chub Chub!?!
Bob: Jim i am so sorry!! My hunger took control of me again and i was trying to save it for later....you can have it back if u want its still a little bit spicy.
by Roy751 February 03, 2010
An overweight and unattractive female who goes to the bars later than everyone else, knowing that all of the men folk will already have their beer goggles on. It is a fat girl (chub) looking to get some wiener (chub). Chubchub
Dude, did you hear about Billy Perry?

No, what happened?

He got wasted last night went home at 3 with a nasty chubchub, and woke up with the whale slobbing on his knob.

by shelby87 January 11, 2009
when someone is a little over weight or chubby, but is cute
Michael James is such a chub chub

Michael is the cutest chub chub
by sarajonas21 July 23, 2011
An overbearing sociopath who claims to hate religion yet persecutes Jews because of Mel Gibson... Closly resembles a hippopotomous and can be easily distracted with ink blots that take the form of "comic books."
Chub Chub makes Catholic Priests look like... Damnit... There's nothing that doesn't rape kids now a days...

The star of "Azn Hookers Dancing Naked on Giant Towers: The Chub Chub Story"

Famous quotes of a Chub Chub:
"I copyright gay people."
"Score little buddy."
"Can't touch this!"
"Don't make me poke you."
"Don't make me eat you."
by Sven by J lian April 26, 2004

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