To receive a handjob or blow job from that of the opposite (or same depending on which ever the fuck way you sway) sex.
"I chubbed that fat ass like there was no tomorrow"
"my first chub it experience was from my child molesting uncle."
by Sally May 06, 2005
Top Definition
An LA street gang. Formed by a mysterious and sexy man named Jason "CI"... Based on doing fat girls and bragging about it.
Look at Teddy with that fat girl. He is totally in chub it.
by definitelyNOTaFATchick July 07, 2005
the act of "getting it up" when it is just limp
Hurry up and chubit before that girl leaves
by CrazyDudeNY May 05, 2015
When you eat your own poop and take a picture of it.
after the giant dump i took, i chubbed it for myspace.
by gay-house August 15, 2005
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