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chronocracy n (Greek khronos, time + Greek kratia, power or rule) Ð rule by the laws of time and by the force of temporality; a form of government based on the recognition of time constraints on any form of power and the necessity for periodic change of leaders and transfer of powers on all levels. Under chronocracy, the social life is determined by the regular replacement of political, scientific, economic, and cultural trends, methods, fashions, and personnel in measured periods of time. Presidents, computers, car models, artistic trends, dress cuts, schoool textbookss, etc. have to change periodically to maintain their authoritative status as "new."
Is America a democracy and what does the term "demos" mean as applied to contemporary societies? No doubt, however, that America is a chronocracy, with a rigid system of enforced change on all levels, from political leaders to dress fashions and technological designs.
by Mikhail Epstein November 13, 2003

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