Proof that Square once had souls.
Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, The Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy I-X...Square where once masterminds of creativity and unforgetable games. It's a same taht we can't say the same for their newer stuff...
by Kosmic King January 27, 2011
The game is good, but the artwork was made by the same guy who drew the artwork for the god-awful DragonBall Z anime.
Despite knowing who drew the artwork, I still play Chrono Trigger to this day.
by yup November 09, 2003
chrono trigger is a controversal game that makes everyone look like drama queens on urban dictionary
chrono trigger is controversal just like ff7. the man who makes sense is biased just like everyone else :o
by Anonymous November 18, 2005
A very good Super Nintendo roleplaying Game created by Squaresoft, which features about 10 different endings. In the game, your characters through time and fight monsters. Probably most famous among retards for featuring character designs by Akira Toriyama.

Also the name of a very important item in said game.
Larry was playing Chrono Trigger again. What a fucking fag.
by Legato February 19, 2003
Square made two RPGs that are maybe the most overated video games for the SNES: Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger.

Unlike other games for the SNES (Or NES), the gameplay and difficulty is unbalanced.

A majority of their fanatics play both games for the storyline... And I think it's dissapointing if I ever turned on my SNES console just to say "lol kefka", "omg lavos" at the screen.

Not just that, I think it's dissapointing that more interesting games such as Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, Earthbound and Final Fight are neglected through FF6 and CT.

I think Square has not defined to us what an RPG, or even a game, should be.

That's why I feel my opinion here is mandoratory. Everyone has submitted 'definitions' that don't even barely define what Chrono Trigger is. They just brown nose Square and say it's the best video game every created.
I know I sound like a hypocrite, but this will be deleted soon.

Just actually write a definition and not an opinion.

Still, I don't think this will even enforce the behaviour of this dictionary.
by Anonymous March 20, 2005

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