To lay claim of ownership to something/someone that isn't yours, more commonly associated with relationships.
Girl, I told him that I had a boyfriend now, but he tried to Christopher Columbus me and claim the p**sy is still his.
by DiamondDCee August 02, 2011
The urinal game of finding the target on the urinal,(usually near the top) where you belive the porcelin is entirely untouched, and thus marking it as your own territory.
Bro I totally just Christopher Columbused that urinal, the upper left corner is all mine.
by Mistletoe's RHA CWRU November 01, 2010
An attempt at ejaculating on a woman's breast that mistakenly ends up on her face
"Dude, I just had a Christopher Columbus with her, and now she won't pick up the phone ... "
by P84 February 10, 2013
the act of a fraternity guy, roofie-ing a girl and then driving her hundreds of miles away and then dumping her in the woods in hopes that she can find her way home.
Brad: What happened to my girlfriend, (insert slut name here)?
Zach: We gave her the ole Christopher Columbus. You won't have to worry about her for a while.
Brad: Sobs in the corner while masterbating into a sock.
by Affen Ficker December 24, 2008
When a guy creeps around a girl and pours pepper on her face then pulls her hair and rubs her taint.
Dude this guy gave me a Christopher Columbus and I haven't been able to smell anything for two weeks.
by Soule187 June 17, 2008

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