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A member of the Christian faith who seeks to use a religion of peace and tolerance for political and personal gain.
Pat Robertson and his band of Christianists are doing everything they can to keep the Republicans in power.
by esrever_ April 10, 2006
One who claims to be a follower of Christ and His teachings but who actively engages in acts and deeds that are contrary to His teachings.
A pastor who calls for the murder of someone whose political beliefs are disagreeable to him (or her) is a Christianist, not a Christian.
by SageGreen March 24, 2010
A member, or members of the Christian religion that uses it as a negative weapon against a person, or an entire group of people.
An anti-gay Christianist group, NOM, believes they're protecting marriage by banning gay marriage.
by FlexSF March 03, 2011
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