this boy is the best boyfriend ever (: he's funny,cute,sweet,and everthing i ever wanted in a guy i love hm so much and more than he loves me. 10 things i know about chrispy that you dont know: 1.his fave color is green 2.his birthday is feb 8 3.he has 3 sisters 4.he wants a snake 5.his fave song is no air 6.he likes shrimp alfredo 7.he has a dare 8.he likes orange juice 9.he likes football and basketball and 10.he hates coffee.chris is the best because he makes me happy and smile all the time.
That boy is chrispy. beautiful
by Danirae January 17, 2009
Short badass leprachaun who comes up with some crazy drawings. Friends with Joe. Helped create the parking lot gang.
YOU: Sup Chrispy

CHRISPY: Nothin much man, hows it hangin

JOE: . . .
by samwise420 October 29, 2004

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