To be Cool.
To have Sass.
Christina is so sassy. She is such a Chrispy.
by AlfredSerious February 14, 2012
Top Definition
Amazing guy, you'll love him the very first second you get to know him very sweet funny impossible not to love him which is why i love him with all my heart
Omg Chrispy is sexy!
by rawrx69 March 29, 2009
awesome, fresh, cool
Guy 1: Hey what song is this? I'm really liking it.
Guy 2: I'm not sure, but shits so chrispy.
by dubstepper37 March 16, 2011
1. to be a light, crisp golden brown.
2. to be burnt
3. to be a guy who is cool
4. to be burnt
5. also known as a marshmellow
6. to be burnt
7. a doughnut store
8. to be burnt
1. my turkey was very chrispy right before I ate it
2. my smore got chrispy
3. my friend is so chrispy
4. I crispied my shoes on the fireworks
5. I made my smores with a chrispy
6. my eye-brows are chrispy
7. I went to chripy's yesterday
8. I crispified my homework
by Zain December 12, 2007
Man who gets down with the FBLA ladies. Rumored to be gay.
Chrispy, you say? Where and how does he like it?
by assmuncher December 16, 2005
slang derogatory term for a fundamentalist Christian
brain washed Chrispys preaching illogial shit on street corners begging for you to buy into it also.
by Guy Williams July 27, 2006
The act of using any workplace elevator and crushing merchandise or merchandise getting caught by accident.
"Don't pull a Chrispy!"

(e.g. putting a bike in the elevator and having it fall over, get caught, and get crushed)
by Chrispy Pullen May 13, 2011

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