an example of a chowzer is someone that waits outside 7 11 with a melting icepop who wears cheetah pants with old 80's high top sneakers and a lime green jacket who likes to listen to mickey avalon and hall and oates and occasionally listens to old brittany spears cds, this person also likes to eat large amounts of clam chowder and has a small winkie.
Mia: Hey lets go to 7 11
Sarah: Alright, maybe that weird chowzer will be there
Mia: If he is there im gonna have to pop a cap in his toe!
Sarah: that will be just dandy
by Cynthia Nugget August 20, 2007
Top Definition
an expression of excitement
Chowzers, I can't believe I won.
by Bill Thomas February 27, 2005
Chowzer; an asain person or a person of asian decent.
"Hey where the fuck is my fried rice u chowzer cunt????"
by [T-Bro] April 21, 2004

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