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Everyones got that mate who eats & drinks shit out of there fridge without permission. the mate who stares at your food everytime you eat. They winge and wine like spoilt child, and act like they havnt eaten in days. There also like a garbage truck, any scraps or unwanted yuck bits of chicken they'll happily consume like a ravenous ork. Also chowza's are generally stoners. chowza's always want a bite or a sip, even if its a sloppy ice cream you've licked all over they dont care. They have no issues with germs whatsoever. character qualities of a chowza can range anywhere from in your face to withdrawn to funny man. Another term for these folk is called a "crusher" as in garbage truck crusher. another well known one is "fat cun"
"Hows this chowza head" "quit having a chowza" " Chowzers at my joint smashing the fridge" " whats crackin chowz" "chowly chowz" "Mc Chowza" " His full chowzin out" Troye: yo who ate all the jalapeno chips? Bodie: hahahah u full got chowzied" troye: dam that chowler master
by Mega O.G August 24, 2015
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