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when you don't have time to take a "shower", so you grab body spray (usually axe) and spray an OBSCENE amount all over your body. this is a practice normally used by mexicans, hence the mexican accent on the word. pronounced as "shower" in a mexican accent ... "chower, mayne"
whazzup fooo. i berly even got time to grap ma clothes, mayne. i'm just gonna take a quick chower and then i can jump in my pickup.
by EgoManiak June 04, 2010

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The act of taking a shower while chewing tobacco. Taking a "chower" is believed to enhance the buzz, the feeling of a warm shower, and the overall day. It is also believed to heal many things. Wounds, stress, heart brake, illness, sourness, being totally sober, etc.
Damn dude, I need to take a chower!
by Please Use December 30, 2010