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Chout can stand for several different things. "Check out", "Watch Out", or "Chill out" are the most common. In some circles, this is used as the dominant verb for everything.
Charles: "I think I'm completely broke."
John: "Chout yourself a job."

Bill: "I'm drunk as all hell.."
John: "Chout your life."

"Chout your face."
"Chout me a beer."
"Can I chout a ride home?"
by Mar Rat October 26, 2005
another way of sayin Watch out, only shorter
Chout man, im trying to get through here!!
by casey layne martin August 08, 2006
what you say when you ass is to lazy to say "watch out!"
chout bitch! you in my way
by lyle and yoder June 29, 2006
A Small South Indonesian Rodent commonly confused for a rat.
Oh Shit Someone Get That Chout Away From Me
by 17DollaGangsta April 11, 2010
To relax, Chill-out and don't freak-a-leak
That chout (Penis that is wider than it is long) needs to Chout, or else I'm gunna chout his effing brains out
by Ricky skoyec October 28, 2005